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Howard the Duck (2015) #1


Wouldn’t it be funny to do a new Howard the Duck comic full of pop culture references to tie into his newfound recognition thanks to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie? People might buy it! It’ll be amazing.

Or, actually, thanks to writer Chip Zdarksy, it’ll be painfully obvious.

Wait, what if there are references to DC Comics characters too!?! Then it’ll be amazing.

Nope, it’ll still be painfully obvious.

Wait, wait, wait. What about a Rocket Raccoon cameo in the first issue?!? Everybody loved him in Guardians; he’s like Wolverine, only Marvel controls all of his rights, not just comics, animation, toys and video games.

If you can’t guess, the new Howard the Duck is just about the most soulless mercenary comic someone could come up with. It’s not Zdarsky’s fault; he doesn’t care. The comic’s readable, just obvious and entirely uninventive.

Wait… why can’t Howard meet Donald now?

2 responses to “Howard the Duck (2015) #1”

  1. V Wiley

    Very, very, very good. Your short form here works great, and the finish is wonderful. I’ll enjoy hearing you rant about it on the cast.

  2. Matthew Hurwitz

    This was a heartbreakingly bad comic. Steve Murray (aka Chip Zdarsky) is obviously a bigger fan of the movie than Steve Gerber. Howard even looks like his (’86) movie counterpart. Duck puns, zero personality for Howard, pointless cameos, Guardians of the Galaxy continuity, incongruous and lazy self-aware pop culture parodies – soulless and mercenary indeed.

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