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Letter 44 (2013) #12

Letter 44  12

Soule does an agitating bridging issue–sort of a ramping up of certain things. He resolves a storyline–the two soldiers in Afghanistan–while teasing things to come. There’s a bit with the First Lady, less with the President, a little bit with Germany (in his only conceptual misstep, Soule writes the German chancellor as a power hungry psychopath, just like their most famous chancellor). The outer space stuff is incidental… if it weren’t for the text recap, I might have forgotten about the baby being in crisis.

But as an agitating issue, Soule’s focus is to keep the reader interested while delaying giving them anything. The First Lady threatens her foe… not particularly engaging. The President just looks dumbfounded. The German chancellor comes off as dumb. Only the soldier scenes resonate and then they’re over done.

Alburquerque is rather lazy with composition this issue. His pacing is all wrong.

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