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Judge Dredd: The Judge Child Quest 2 (September 1984)

Judge Dredd: The Judge Child Quest #2Wagner takes Dredd and company–though the company is rather indistinct–on an intergalactic quest. They’re in pursuit of the Angel family, who have kidnapped the Judge Child. There’s not a lot on the pursuit, but rather a series of imaginative sci-fi encounters.

The first has Dredd encountering a space station where the computer has taken over. Kind of 2001 with a lot of action. Not entirely original, but it works.

The second encounter, on a planet where the humans can download their consciousness into chips to live forever (another person loans out their body for the consciousness’s usage), is the best. This section is where Dredd gets a sidekick and Wagner gets to write the most.

Since Dredd is hopping from planet to planet, it never feels episodic.

The finale has him against a living, hungry planet.

Some great art from McMahon, Bolland and Smith throughout.

Excellent stuff.



Writer, John Wagner; artists, Mike McMahon, Brian Bolland and Ron Smith; colorist, Ian Stead; letterer, Tom Frame; editor, Nick Landau; publisher, Eagle Comics.

3 responses to “Judge Dredd: The Judge Child Quest 2 (September 1984)”

  1. V Wiley

    An A for Judge Dredd reprints. You are getting slack in your old age here, haha!

  2. Matthew Hurwitz

    They grow on you, as with all obsessive-geek sci-fi, as you become inculcated to the world building and the lexicon of terms like lawmaster, cursed earth, and mutie become familiar. These reprint series are also a quantum leap in art and story quality from those very first 2000 AD progs.

    1. McMahon in particular has gotten so much better than when he started on Dredd back in the olden days.

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