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Nailbiter (2014) #4

Nailbiter  4

Nailbiter isn’t exactly an incomplete read, it’s just three scenes. There’s the ominous prologue, there’s the main action with the two protagonists and then there’s the titular serial killer in his jail cell.

Henderson is getting a little loose with the art, especially during the main action, which doesn’t help things. All in all, the comic actually feels like a quarter of a one hour television show. The cliffhanger isn’t so much worthy of a month long wait as of a three or four minute commercial break.

Another problem is how Williamson has eschewed character development for revelations. His protagonists aren’t developing their relationship together, they’re making expository statements to one another. Even the big reveal flops because Williamson has introduced so many revelations–two to three more in the last six pages of this issue–it’s hard to keep up.

The comic’s entirely lost its texture at this point.

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