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The Mice Templar 5 (July 2008)

The Mice Templar #5Once again, Glass gets a whole lot done in one issue.

He opens with the captives, who have their own flashback–which relates to the story of Karic and Pilot (sort of). The captives get some closure, then it’s off to resolve the cliffhanger with Pilot under attack from a fellow Templar.

Here’s where the issue gets confusing. While Karic stands in for the reader when discovering things, there’s so much new information–new information he can’t understand–Glass often leaves the reader spinning around to try to make sense of things. Karic doesn’t spin because he’s just a kid, which actually makes the reader spin more as Karic’s somewhat to read.

But then Glass even has time to go back to the captives and introduce the capital city and its political intrigue into the issue. He even textures it with regular folk.

Finally, the doozy cliffhanger wallops both Karic and the reader.



The Prophecy, Part Five: Truth Behind the Lies; writers, Michael Avon Oeming and Bryan J.L. Glass; artist, Oeming; colorist, Wil Quintana; letterer, James H. Glass; editors, Judy Glass and Will Swyer; publisher, Image Comics.

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