Joseph Aviel stars in 7X6X2, directed by Paul Pope and Sridhar Reddy for Tribeca Digital Studios.

7x6x2 (2013, Paul Pope and Sridhar Reddy)

If a viewer is unfamiliar with co-director Paul Pope–and his comic work–he or she might not be as disappointed with 7x6x2. The short would probably still be disappointing, just because it takes itself way too seriously and has no self-awareness about being a sci-fi short apparently shot where the old "Star Trek" filmed a bunch.

But, if a viewer is familiar with Pope's comics work, he or she would be able to identify the composition and how close Pope's style matches in live action and illustration. Sadly, that composition doesn't carry over into any other directing skills–and it isn't just Pope, co-director Reddy's fault too. They can't direct the actors at all.

Lead Joseph Aviel is bad; it doesn't help he gets poorly handled flashbacks, which just increases the bad. As his sidekick, Shawn Thomas is pretty good.

Bad music from Ben Rubin doesn't help.

7x6x2 isn't uncreative, just inept.

1/3Not Recommended


Directed by Paul Pope and Sridhar Reddy; screenplay by Pope and Reddy, based on a graphic novel by Pope; director of photography, Jesse Green; edited by Stephane Dumonceau; music by Ben Rubin; production designer, Mike Conte; produced by Gary Krieg; released by Tribeca Digital Studios.

Starring Joseph Aviel (Bryce) and Shawn Thomas (Swanson).


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