Tony Vogel stars in BLACK ANGEL, directed by Roger Christian for 20th Century Fox.

Black Angel (1980, Roger Christian)

Until the finale, which features a risible fight sequence, Black Angel at least looks and sounds good. The story is atrocious, but the production values make it tolerable.

Based on that fight sequence, the short concerns a clumsy, vain and mostly incompetent knight–Tony Vogel in a terrible performance–who finds himself hunting a mystical evil in order to save a fair maiden. Except director Christian’s script cuts a lot of corners, so it’s unclear if Vogel realizes he’s surrounded by sorcery. Probably, since according to Angel, the Dark Ages is just full of the stuff.

The short has an excellent score from Trevor Jones and some gorgeous photography from Roger Pratt, but once the stupid starts, it just gets worse and worse. That fight sequence, which Christian starts in ill-advised slow motion (before speeding up the film), has to be seen to be believed. Or, more preferably, not.

1/3Not Recommended


Written and directed by Roger Christian; director of photography, Roger Pratt; edited by Alan Strachan; music by Trevor Jones; produced by Christian and Leslie Dilley; released by 20th Century Fox.

Starring Tony Vogel (Sir Maddox), James Gibb (Anselm), John Young (Old Man) and Patricia Christian (Maiden).


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