Genesis (April 2014)

GenesisPlease excuse the colloquial expression, but what a piece of utter crap. Did anyone read Nathan Edmondson's script? Maybe it's just me. Maybe I don't like terrible plays from twelve-year olds, so I don't like Edmondson's script for Genesis. I can't even imagine if I'd paid seven dollars for this tripe.

It's about a minister who can't save people so he tries to kill himself and one of the guys from Blue Man Group tells him he isn't dead and he's got all sorts of powers. He can refigure reality. Edmondson goes on and on about it. It's a long comic and about half of it is back and forth with the protagonist.

Except, Edmondson doesn't do anything with the religious stuff. He's not thinking about it from that angle; the plot's inane and possible there facilitate artist Alison Sampson's drawing desires.

It's an exceptional comic. The script's indescribably bad.



Writer, Nathan Edmondson; artist, Alison Sampson; colorist, Jason Wordie; letterer, Jon Babcock; publisher, Image Comics.

One Comment

  1. Vernon wiley

    Imagine me as a retailer actually ordering this and think i can sell it with a straight face? What a load…

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