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Batman: The Deal (November 2013)

Batman: The DealThanks to the Internet, unofficial, fan-made productions can get a lot of exposure. Why people haven’t been doing more unofficial superhero comics is beyond me. It makes great senses but you don’t hear about many.

I read about The Deal because of the artist, Daniel Bayliss, and tracked down the comic. Bayliss uses a finer line, Paul Pope type style. The story is just Batman and the Joker and he doesn’t do either of their faces well, but the movement of the bodies is fantastic. The detailed scenery is awesome.

As for Gerardo Preciado’s script… it’s predictable. Except maybe the lengthy quote at the end, which is a good quote, but doesn’t belong. Preciado tries to work out the problems between Batman and the Joker and flubs it. He goes way too far, way too obvious.

But the absurdity gives Bayliss the chance to show off his compositional skills.



Writer, Gerardo Preciado; artist, Daniel Bayliss; publisher, Moonhead Press.

2 responses to “Batman: The Deal (November 2013)”

  1. Matthew Hurwitz

    This was so bad it was almost like a parody of Batman fandom has become obsessed with nonstop bloviation about the duality between him and The Joker. Over 25 years after The Killing Joke and people still can’t get over it. Only Harley Quinn could’ve made “The Deal” worse.

    1. I’m now picturing a Killing Joke retelling with Harley Quinn thrown in… ew.

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