Sheena, Queen of the the Jungle 1 (April 2014)

Sheena, Queen of the Jungle #1If I had to guess–and I’m just going to guess because I don’t want to go look it up–from the credits on Sheena, I think script writer Steven E. de Souza and his relation, probably son, David de Souza, wrote a spec script for a movie. It did not sell. I’d even guess, based on the number of vapid college-age characters, it was written during a teen movie boom.

So then the brand owner sold it off as a comic book. Or something. Who cares.

But then the scripting de Souza got lazy and didn’t really want to adapt the movie script into a comic script. So Sheena reads like a bunch of “best of” moments from a movie. The scenes chop back and forth, with artist Jake Minor unable to work out transitions (it’s not his fault).

It could be a lot worse, but there’s nothing to recommend it.



Return of the Jaguar Men, Part One; writers, David de Souza and Steven E. de Souza; artist, Jake Minor; colorist, James Brown; letterer, Bernie Lee; editor, Paul D. Storrie; publisher, Moonstone Entertainment.

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