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Aquaman 1 (February 1986)

845301Not much happens in Aquaman. Well, a lot happens but writer Neal Pozner doesn’t want to spend much time with it. Aquaman’s evil brother destroys his surface world home, but instead of there being a lot of disaster movie action, Aquaman ignores it. Mera gives him crap for it too, but he doesn’t care.

Pozner’s Aquaman is kind of a jerk. Or a dimwit. Maybe a little of both.

There’s also a huge revolt going on in Atlantis. They want of attack the surface world. Why? Because they’re isolationists and Aquaman tried to make them think globally. Not sure it’s worth the riot–Pozner’s attempts to show the protestors’ complaints are moronic. I never did figure out if the hair dryer line was serious or a joke.

Craig Hamilton has many, many problems on the art. His figures bend funny, amongst other things.

This issue’s got nothing going for it.



Writer, Neal Pozner; penciller, Craig Hamilton; inker, Steve Montano; colorist, Joe Orlando; letterer, Bob Lappan; editors, Robert Greenberger, Pozner and Dick Giordano; publisher, DC Comics.

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