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Hawken: Melee 5 (January 2014)

Hawken v2 Melee 005 1So I guess–or I know, based on all the ads–Hawken: Melee is based on a video game. It’s apparently some kind of first person shooter in a mech. So, Battletech, right? Everything mech is Battletech, everything mech is Robot Jox. I know, I know, it’s not.

But I’m guessing Nathan Fox got to come up with his own characters and situation. It’s a future dystopia where some girl has to save the slightly dimwitted guy she’s dating by fighting bad guys and getting in mechs and saving the day with her brains.

Oddly, the story has more promise than Fox delivers because the protagonist is strong. He focuses on the action, which proves a mistake because he’s not really putting a lot of work into it. There are almost always white backgrounds with the action up front.

It’s fine. Fox has some good panels but not enough.



Gadget; writer and artist, Nathan Fox; colorist, Michael Spicer; letterer, Deron Bennett; editor, Mike Kennedy; publisher, Archaia Black Label.


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