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Lazarus (2013) #6

Lazarus  6

Reading this issue of Lazarus, I was having a hard time reconciling it with the way the comic used to read. It’s become one I look forward to reading (not just seeing the Lark art) and I think I figured out what Rucka’s doing differently.

First, he’s turned Forever into a somewhat unreliable protagonist. The reader gets to see her reactions to certain things and assume her emotions, but Rucka is deftly suggesting not. The reader doesn’t know what Forever’s doing because she’s not that kind of protagonist.

Second, he’s splitting the story between the big power people and the little people. Even if the little people are scummy security guards. Rucka’s mixed the pot a little–there’s a cast of interesting people.

Maybe third, maybe more part two point one, is how Rucka’s opening up the space. He’s giving Lark much more to draw.

It’s becoming a solid read.

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