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The First Wave (2014, David Freyne)

Even though The First Wave is about zombies–and not just zombies, but zombies who can be cured–the most unbelievable thing in the short film is the doctor.

So a young woman wakes up in a hospital. Jane McGrath plays her; she does rather a good job with no dialogue, just haunted gazes. Director Freyne opens with a generic running zombie attack however, where a young girl and her father are trying to escape.

The doctor shows up to interview McGrath, give her checkups, the usual. Only Frank McCusker plays the doctor and–hey, maybe things are different in Scotland–but shouldn’t it be a female doctor? Shouldn’t there at least be a female nurse present?

Freyne has a big twist for the ending. It’s a cheap one–had he been so deceptive earlier no one would trust him–but it’s effective.

Wave is decent enough for six minutes.



Written and directed by David Freyne; director of photography, Piers McGrail; edited by Juniper Calder; music by Gareth Averill; produced by Rory Dungan and Rachael O’Kane.

Starring Jane McGrath (Allison) and Frank McCusker (Doctor).


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