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Freiheit (1966, George Lucas)

I knew Freiheit was a student film going in–I just didn’t realize the director wasn’t a teenager. The director in question is George Lucas and I thought he was a teenager because the short is so painfully obvious.

It’s a “single person running in the woods” student film, which is practically its own genre. Freiheit only gets noticed because of Lucas–unless someone’s a real big fan of director Randal Kleiser, who plays the guy running in the woods. Eventually he runs towards the Berlin border, which is an empty field. It’s much more visually compelling in the woods.

The reason I thought Lucas had to be young when he made it is the narration montage at the end. Freiheit is German for “freedom,” the narration is famous lines about freedom. Without them, Lucas might have had something haunting. With them he has something desperate for a good grade.

1/3Not Recommended


Written, directed, edited and photographed by George Lucas.

Starring Randal Kleiser (Boy).


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