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A Voice in the Dark 3 (January 2014)

CVG8kMw AVITD003 lores 1It’s an odd issue because it seems talkier than it actually plays out.

The protagonist has a meeting with her radio station boss, meets her roommates for lunch, meets her shrink… it feels like there might be another meeting in there, but maybe not. It’s a “state of the union” issue, with Taylor following up the previous issue’s big ending.

Only that ending isn’t really all that big of a deal. And this issue brings in the secrets of the small, quiet college town–it’s had more serial killers than anywhere else. All of a sudden Dark is getting silly. It’s turning into a slasher movie (what with an almost exclusively college coed cast, save one black cop); Taylor’s ambitions are either changing or developing poorly.

His enthusiasm for the series is still apparent and the art’s definitely improving in some areas. The pacing, and plotting, are not improving, however.



Killing Game, Part One; writer, artist and letterer, Larime Taylor; publisher, Image Comics.

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  1. larimegimp

    It’s always been a mix of gritty and absurd. Surreal. The call letters for the station were kind of a giveaway. It won’t be a mix that’s for everyone, though. I get that. Thanks for the continued coverage!

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