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Suicide Risk 9 (January 2014)

SuicideRisk 09 rev Page 1Casagrande’s getting really good. Suicide Risk is developing a new style, especially with how Carey is developing the characters. There’s a lot of good moves this issue, not just with Leo–his family even figuring in (finally)–but with the supporting cast and where the series is going.

In fact, it no longer feels much like Risk. Something about the cliffhanger reveal this issue reminds a lot of how Carey uses cliffhangers in Unwritten. It might just be a coincidence, but it feels like Carey is altering how he’s telling this comic to match other successful devices from his other series.

Regardless, it’s a great issue, probably the best due to the way Casagrande’s style has matured and Carey giving the series it’s first real twist. The way Carey leads up to it, keeping the reader a little removed… it’s masterful.

Risk might have real legs on it after all.



Writer, Mike Carey; artist, Elena Casagrande; colorist, Andrew Elder; letterer, Ed Dukeshire; editors, Dafna Pleban and Matt Gagnon; publisher, Boom! Studios.

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  1. Vernon wiley

    First of all, YEA! The comment button is back! I agree on this issue of SR. The cliffhanger part is good, but once again, he threatens his momentum with a fill in issue next ish. Aaargh! Lots of unanswered questions will have to be examined in the next arc, putting the lead story at 12 issues, not an easy sell in today’s big two dominated landscape.

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