Robocop: Last Stand 6 (January 2013)

293044 20140108233914 largeIt’s funny how interesting art changes things in terms of pacing. Not just good art; there are plenty of comics out there with good art and bad pacing and the issue doesn’t work out. But with good, interesting art?

Take this issue of Last Stand–Grant skirts over a big plot development because it’s better to let Öztekin show it visually than to tell it with exposition. The whole issue takes place over fifteen or twenty minutes it seems and the issue reads in like four.

Except it’s bunch of great art used in perplexing ways. Öztekin still has Robocop, but he gets to visually play with all sorts of crazy other machinery and then also the desperate humanity of the whole thing. It’s big stuff and would have made a cool montage in a movie. But Öztekin does better than a movie could.

It’s a great-looking, solid comic.



Writer, Steven Grant; artist, Korkut Öztekin; colorist, Michael Garland; letterer, Ryan Ferrier; editors, Alex Galer and Ian Brill; publisher, Boom! Studios.

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