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Reality Check 4 (December 2013)

290795 20131209142014 largeBrunswick and Bogdanovic manage to tie up Reality Check reasonably well. I went into this issue thinking it was a five issue series, not four, so when things started wrapping up about halfway through… well, it was a little confusing. Especially since Brunswick brings in this whole relationship between the comic book hero and villain about their being stuck in the real world together and so on.

He might have been able to get a six issue series out of this story if he’d had a good editor. There are a lot of ideas introduced this issue Brunswick never brought up before. Everything ends a little too neatly, but he’s going on the fumes of likable characters so it works out.

Except Check is a slight amusement instead of something significant. Until this issue, with the contrivances, I didn’t even realize it had greater potential. Still, it’s decent; decent’s good.



Writer, Glen Brunswick; artist, Viktor Bogdanovic; colorist, Paul Little; letterer, Rus Wooton; publisher, Image Comics.

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