Miracleman 2 (October 1985)

37096And here’s a great cliffhanger. Again, Moore’s not plotting these stories for a full issue, but it shakes out very nicely this issue.

Miracleman is an odd comic. Moore runs headstrong into the relationship problems between Mike and Liz, he deals with Mike’s strange duality with Miracleman–the way Mike’s able to talk about Miracleman’s rather purple narration is fantastic. Moore presents the tropes of superhero comic books and then integrate a discussion of them into the comic.

There’s also the villain this issue. I can’t remember his name, but he’s a big black guy with funny sapphire teeth–Evelyn Cream (thanks, Internet). Leave it to Moore to make a bad Bond henchman into a great comic book villain.

There’s a lot in each story, the composition, the newly fertile relationship between Mike and the world… it’s a crazy good comic. And these were just shorts when originally published; incredible.



When Gods Cry War…; writer, Alan Moore; artists, Garry Leach and Alan Davis; colorist, Ron Courtney; letterer, G. George; editors, Dez Skinn and Cartherine Yronwode; publisher, Eclipse.

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  1. Vernon wiley

    Wow, it’s incredible that this is your first time reading Miracleman. I think it’s great they’ve held up up enough after all these years to be able to still entertain. Moore is flexing his muscles here, pushing boundaries that American comics, let alone British ones, had really never hit before. I’m waiting for the upcoming Marvel reprints next month, and envy your experience here. Miracle man will have it’s sputters for a bit, while Eclipse was figuring out who would eventually draw the feature. Some pretty bad Chuck Beachum(?), will follow the English reprints by Leach, but in a few issues Rick Veitch and the great John Tottleben will take over, so relax and enjoy sir.

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