Black Science 1 (November 2013)

290050 20131127141251 largeI can’t think of much worse than Rick Remender’s narration in Black Science. The story–a rogue scientist who gets into trouble because of his anarchist views (except in very sci-fi situations)–ought to be interesting enough to make the narration a non-issue. Especially with Matteo Scalera’s awesome art.

A moment on that art. Scalera does a mix of old gods, cute animals and humor. It’s fabulous artwork. I really thought it would be enough to get me through the crappy narration. But it’s not. Nothing could overcome Remender’s narration on this comic.

I’m not sure what Remender’s going for. Instead of talking about the fictional science or even the alien world his protagonist is running through, the guy is going on and on about his family. It’s like an apology to his wife or something.

It’s unfortunate; Scalera’s artwork should make it worth a look. But no.


Writer, Rick Remender; artist, Matteo Scalera; colorist, Dean V. White; letterer, Rus Wooton; editor, Sebastian Girner; publisher, Image Comics.

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