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Super Clyde (2013, Michael Fresco)

Stephen Fry and Rupert Grint star in SUPER CLYDE, directed by Michael Fresco for the Columbia Broadcasting System.

The worst thing about Super Clyde is the blandness. For a while, it seems like Gregory Thomas Garcia can’t figure out how to make fat jokes and be sympathetic–he has to do it cheaply in the end–but there’s nothing to it.

Rupert Grint is geeky in the lead. He’s a geeky red-haired twenty-something who’s weird. It’s awful. He has two annoying siblings–Tyler Labine and Justine Lupe; they’re supposed to be nouveau riche dipsticks (more Lapine and Lupe, but still her too). Grint wants to do something significant with his new wealth.

Enter a bored Stephen Fry as Alfred to his Bruce Wayne.

The comic book influences–even though it doesn’t seem like anyone in the set decorating department paid attention to the references in Garcia’s script–are kind of neat. But they’re a lot more playful than the show itself.

It’s lame stuff. Real lame.

1/3Not Recommended


Directed by Michael Fresco; written by Gregory Thomas Garcia; director of photography, Sharone Meir; edited by William Marrinson; music by Danny Lux and Matt Mariano; production designer, John Zachary; released by the Columbia Broadcasting System.

Starring Rupert Grint (Clyde), Stephen Fry (Randolph), Tyler Labine (Duke), Justine Lupe (Faith), Laura Ortiz (Jolene) and Carla Jimenez (Adriana).


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