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Umbral 1 (November 2013)

288974 20131113221207 largeThere’s clearly a limit to human imagination. Or, at least there’s a limit to Antony Johnston’s imagination. Umbral concerns a mystical fantasy world with magic and intrigue and thieves’ guilds and all sorts of other little details fantasy comics, films, television shows and video games have been using for years.

And Johnston regurgitates them onto the page here. Oh, he throws in the people talking in something like hip modern English. So he’s seen A Knight’s Tale too.

Christopher Mitten’s art is okay in the comic. He’s just drawing castles and some vague monsters, but it’s not bad art at all. It’s loose at times and it’s hard to discern characters’ genders at times, but it’s not bad.

The writing’s bad. Not the dialogue so much–except the modern cursing stuff–but the narration. Especially the way Johnston puts exposition into dialogue to remind the reader of something.

Umbral’s lame.


The Day Dawned Twice; writer, Antony Johnston; artist, Christopher Mitten; colorist, John Rauch; letterer, Thomas Mauer; publisher, Image Comics.

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