A scene from THE BIRDS OF ANGER, directed by Gregg Bishop.

The Birds of Anger (2011, Gregg Bishop)

Gregg Bishop’s direction impresses in The Birds of Anger, so does George Feucht’s photography and Todd Jeffery’s production design… it’s just a shame Bishop never impresses as a writer.

Anger is both a spoof of and an homage to Hitchock’s The Birds, only with wink wink nods to the pop culture game phenomenon “Angry Birds.” Bishop never plays it up, which kills the spoof aspect–one has to strain to hear the familiar sound effects, for example. And while the short does pay careful attention to appearing to be from the sixties, Bishop just as frequently mocks the source material.

Cameron Barsanti is fairly unimpressive aping Rod Taylor, but both Amanda Baker (as Tippi Hedren) and Jaimie Alexander (as Suzanne Pleshette) are good.

The short probably isn’t a good idea, but the production values make it worth a look at least. It’s like a Super Bowl commercial for the game.

1/3Not Recommended


Written, edited directed by Gregg Bishop; director of photography, George Feucht; music by Kristopher Carter; production designer, Todd Jeffery; produced by Bishop, Cash Hartzell, Derek R. Johnson, Nils Onsager and Tristan Thai.

Starring Amanda Baker (Melanie), Cameron Barsanti (Mitch) and Jaimie Alexander (Annie).


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