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Lonesome (2013, Elijah J. Brubaker)

A shot from LONESOME, directed by Elijah J. Brubaker.

I have only one big problem with Lonesome. Director Brubaker doesn’t do anything to the sound–the short is a number of clips, often composited on top of one another for effect. The sound often appears to be from when Brubaker recorded the footage. Towards the end, it actually worked well. But not at all towards the beginning.

Instead of encouraging the audience to lose themselves in the imagery, the sound makes the viewer wonder how Brubaker brought all the footage together. Only he obviously brought it all together through some kind of simple video editing. It brings the viewer out of Lonesome.

There are a number of fantastic shots. Two of Brubaker’s composites raise some interesting questions about movement and expectation; he clearly gave some thought to how he cut the visual elements together. Sadly, his corresponding lack of the attention to sound is what does in the short.

1/3Not Recommended


Directed by Elijah J. Brubaker.


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