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John Carpenter’s Asylum 2 (July 2013)

280138 20130807161402 largeManco has all these low angle panels looking up at the detective. They’re obviously for emphasis–he uses them to establish the gun fights too–but they somehow don’t fit with the rest of the style.

If Asylum has a style, I mean; this issue is just as jumbled and packed as the first, maybe even more so.

This issue continues the chase–priest (excommunicated, it turns out) and cop after the Devil, who is jumping from person to person when the scene needs it and not when it doesn’t. Jones sort of keeps the perspective fixed as to not raise too many questions about the comic’s internal logic.

There are adaptation problems, of course. The comic doesn’t have a three act structure, since it’s in the second act of the larger one; that looseness hurts it.

There’re a couple pages of bad dialogue, but otherwise fine.

Asylum’s mediocre enough.



Writer, Bruce Jones; artist, Leonardo Manco; colorist, Kinsun Loh; letterer, Janice Chiang; editor, Sandy King; publisher, Storm King Comics.

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