Morgan Ayres stars in TICK TOCK, directed by Ien Chi.

Tick Tock (2011, Ien Chi)

Tick Tock runs about five minutes–not quite though–and it does so backwards. For most of the short, lead Morgan Ayres is running backwards across campus and through time. Director Chi has some overly pretentious elements–doing named sections in a five minute short (not even) is way too much–but the film’s a technical marvel.

In fact, it’s such a technical marvel, one wonders how he shot the thing, which is unfortunate. The artifice of the named sections pulls the viewer back, giving him or her time to consider how many times through Ayres ran. It’s one continuous shot (or appears to be).

Good lead performance from Ayres and love interest Valee Gallant. They have to act backwards after all.

Great music too.

Chi elevates the college student film; if he’d just toned down the pretense, it would have been even better. As is, though, it’s dang good.



Written, directed, photographed and edited by Ien Chi.

Starring Morgan Ayres (Emit), Valee Gallant (Rena) and Maurice Winsell (Buddy).


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