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Legends of Tomorrow (2016) s06e12 – Bored on Board Onboard

The episode finishes with four actual cliffhangers—two characters are unconscious, one has a secret revealed, and Caity Lotz has walked in on something shocking not involving any of the other three. The implication is even the return of the season big bad–“Legends” only has three episodes left this season, and so this episode’s definitely sending them into the end game.

But the thing I’m now most curious about is who’s going to show up at Lotz and Jes Macallan’s wedding. I’m not sure they’re going to have time to do it this season, what with Covid during filming (even though the Arrowverse doesn’t seem to have had a pandemic, lucky them), but at the beginning of the episode, Lotz and Macallan are wedding planning and banter relates to possible guest stars. Grant Gustin and Candice Patton are seemingly out (the “Flash” stars always lead to a supervillain appearance), but Katie Cassidy (or one of her surviving incarnations from the later seasons of “Arrow”) is in. It’d be nice if the Arrowverse A-listers showed for the wedding; while the “Legends” always seems available to the other shows, it’s been a while since other shows have come around.

Well, minus David Ramsey, but he was directing.

However, wedding planning is not the point of the episode. Most of the team is trapped in a magical mystery mansion, leaving Adam Tsekhman and Dominic Purcell in charge of the ship. After last episode’s interstellar mission, the Legends are stuck in space, and it’s going to take them three weeks to get home. They try to amuse themselves while conserving energy but can’t, so they decide to go pen and paper (not really) with a board game.

Hence the very amusing title, Bored on Board Onboard. They’re bored on a board game onboard a ship. It’s cute. Almost as cute as the subtle Clue references later on, including Olivia Swann and Lisseth Chavez getting annoyed with the shortcuts across the board not necessarily being helpful. When the game starts, they’re playing it on a game board, but Matt Ryan (who’s high on his evil magic juice) wants to show off to Tala Ashe—and piss off her brother, Shayan Sobhian because the evil magic juice is turning Ryan into a dick. So he casts a spell, and they’re in the board game, slowly becoming their appropriately assigned characters, trying to find the murder amongst them.

The episode’s best when they’re still doing the murder mystery game before it turns into a bickering triangle between Sobhian, Ryan, and Ashe. The character stuff isn’t bad, but it’s also not particularly good. It reduces Ashe (back to her glamour girl variation from the flannel one) to prop up Sobhian while only giving Sobhian protective brother stuff. Meanwhile, Ryan’s got an addiction arc brewing; he’s better at that aspect of it than the dickish stuff because the dickish stuff isn’t fun; it’s dramatic fodder. Ryan’s so much better when he’s fun on “Legends.”

There are some decent surprises and solid performances. It’s a good episode—nice direction from Harry Jierjian—but by the end, it’s clearly just… well, moving the pieces around the board to prepare for the season’s final arc.

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