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Buzzkill 1 (September 2013)

22436I kind of like Geoff Shaw’s art. He doesn’t do any action in the first issue of Buzzkill, just hints of it and a lot of talking, but I do kind of like it. It’s that hurried, lots of lines indie thing. It’s popular right now and would work a lot better if Donny Cates’s script had better pacing.

Buzzkill is about the gimmick. Imagine Superman gets his powers from drugs and alcohol. He has to be drunk or high to get them–and he’s got all the regular side effects of being drunk and high. So not much of a superpower, right?

The protagonist–Cates cutely hides his real name (and draws attention to his cuteness)–goes to an AA meeting. Of course he doesn’t tell them everything, so there’s a quick cut to non-action action from Shaw.

Cates’s script is lame, obvious, somewhat pretentious.

It’s bad stuff.


The Problem; writers, Mark Reznicek and Donny Cates; artist, Geoff Shaw; colorist, Lauren Affe; editors, Everett Patterson and Patrick Thorpe; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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  1. vernon wiley

    With all the years I’ve spent reading the Previews catalog, I have fortunately developed a meta power than enables me to see a solicit and avoid the comic with the response, “if it looks, smells, and sounds like a dog…”

    I’m so happy my superpower works on most instances.

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