Detective Comics 787 (December 2003)

148815Rick Burchett does about half well on this issue. Maybe more than half, but when he goes too cartoonish, it hurts the better stuff. And by cartoonish, I don’t mean his overall approach. His approach is fine–his Mad Hatter, for instance, is gloriously cartoonish and wonderful. I more mean things like Bullock not having eyes, just dots. It’s odd.

The script, from Brian K. Vaughan, is pretty darn good. It’s a nice done in one, with Batman tracking a kidnapped Kirk Langstrom. There’s the Hatter, there’s some Arkham stuff (unfortunately the issue’s weakest scene) and a dragon.

Vaughan overwrites the narration but his story is solid. He tries too hard with the dialogue and sometimes has weak details. His end reveal is sublime.

The Joker’s dog backup, from Spears and Rob G., continues. It’s excellent. There’s a lot of detail, enough personality for the protagonist and a great cliffhanger.


Mimsy Were the Borogoves; writer, Brian K. Vaughan; penciller, Rick Burchett; inker, John Lowe; colorist, Jason Wright; letterer, John Costanza; editors, Michael Wright and Bob Schreck. The Dogcatcher, Part Three; writer, Rick Spears; artist, Rob G.; colorist, Guy Major; letterer, Janice Chiang; editor, Matt Idelson. Publisher, DC Comics.

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