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Five Weapons 4 (May 2013)

273572 20130701032117 largeRobinson gets in a lot more backstory–both for the lead, Tyler, and the principal and the nurse–and only skims over a little in the present action. He’s bringing things to a close, perhaps a little hurriedly, but he’s got some nice scenes to make up for it. Five Weapons is a comic about action where the most interesting scenes are the talking about action. Very odd.

This issue maintains the now familiar structure–resolve the cliffhanger, character development, work up to the next cliffhanger. The character development this issue seems a tad slight–Tyler is second fiddle to the supporting cast, but at least Robinson has gotten better with his internal monologue. He’s using thought balloons less and better.

There’s a dual, maybe even triple, cliffhanger this issue. Robinson keeps upping it during the issue’s last pages. Two of the three have actual danger, which Weapons could use.


Nat The Gat; writer, artist and letterer, Jimmie Robinson; colorist, Paul Little; editor, Laura Tavishati; publisher, Image Comics.

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