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The Superior Spider-Man (2013) #13

Superior Spider Man  13

It’s weird how Slott let Gage handle the script on this arc. It’s got some of the biggest changes to Superior since it started–a new page in Otto’s relationship with Jonah, a secret base (and lab) for Spider-Man–one would’ve thought Slott would want to be more hands on with it all.

The issue’s pretty good, with some nice moves for the Lizard. Hopefully he sticks around, even though he wouldn’t really be good with Otto.

Sadly, even though the issue moves well, there’s nothing memorable. The villains each have their own problems, but who cares? They were never interesting in the first place. Just the Green Goblin movie version–visually speaking–of familiar (and not familiar) characters.

The stuff with Otto and the main villain is a little tired though. Besides Otto revealing himself in the Spider Slayer’s finale moments… it’s the same as the previous showdowns.

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  1. vernon wiley

    As much fun as I have had reading this book, the latest issue left me with a couple of severe logic problems. One, Jameson has no authority to enable someone who’s NOT a law enforcement official to kill the enemy. Second, he gives away a piece of public property to Ock at the end which makes no sense whatsoever, legally or logically. Ock’s blackmail tape of Jameson wouldn’t hold up in a court of law, he should know that, so I’m not sure why he gives in to Ock’s ridiculous demands. Ugh.

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