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R’ha (2013, Kaleb Lechowski)

A scene from R'HA, directed by Kaleb Lechowski.

It’s hard to watch R’ha without laughing, especially towards the end when Lechowski’s direction gets absolutely inept. He can’t direct movement shots in medium or closeup. When he’s got a bunch of CG fighter jets attacking a CG city, he’s fine… it’s all extreme long shot. But the big naked alien running down a hallway? Absolutely atrocious.

There’s nothing original in the short. The design rips off various elements from Aliens, The Matrix, Dreamscape, Stargate, while ripping off the story from The Matrix and The Terminator. Only with a big naked alien. This evil robot thing–who doesn’t seem so evil after the alien brags about its inferiority because the robot’s a slave–tortures him.

It’s a him big naked alien. Lechowski’s very clear about it.

Besides some decent CG, it’s terrible. Worst might be David Masterson’s voice acting on the alien and the machine.

R’ha’s an excruciating six minutes.

1/3Not Recommended


Edited and directed by Kaleb Lechowski; written by Matthew Graham and Lechowski; music by Hartmut Zeller; produced by Raymond Brothers, Scott Glassgold, Lechowski, Rick McCallum and Steve Tzirlin.

Starring David Masterson (Alien/Machine).


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