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Satellite Sam 1 (July 2013)

276518 20130703155338 largeWhat is Satellite Sam going to be? It’s impossible to say right now. Maybe it’s about some guy who takes pictures of women in lingerie, maybe it’s about that guy’s kid, maybe it’s about live television in the fifties…

It’s impossible to say.

None of the listed elements are clear when this first issue starts. Matt Fraction is having way too much fun running through the insanity of television. Howard Chaykin’s art is occasionally rough–he looks good in black and white–but Chaykin knows how to do this script. He knows how break out the scenes to make it read fast and crazy.

There’s some sense of nostalgia too, but Chaykin never really lays it on. The biggest moment is when the female lead–or not lead–is walking through New York streets. Chaykin works hard on the nostalgia for that sequence.

It’s interesting stuff; maybe Fraction’s got something.


The Big Fade Out; writer, Matt Fraction; artist, Howard Chaykin; letterer, Ken Bruzenak; editor, Thomas K.; publisher, Image Comics.

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  1. vernon wiley

    I thought this promising, as well. Chaykin looks like he’s trying here, and there’s enough going on in the script I’d have to say there’s no shortage of content. Fast paced, for all of that info, too.

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