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Lazarus (2013) #1

Lazarus  1

I haven’t seen an episode of “Dallas” since I was a kid, but for some reason, when the characters in Lazarus blather on about family, it reminds me of “Dallas.”

This first issue has three distinct tones. One is action. There’s a lot of action at the beginning; with another artist, I’d probably argue it’s a waste of pages but Michael Lark is never a waste of pages, even if he is just showing off how the protagonist is a master ninja or whatnot. There’s the difference–Lark’s action sequences convey information.

Then there’s the scenes where the protagonist–Forever (it’s often confusing)–talks to her doctor. She’s apparently indestructible, so he just fixes her up. Like she’s a robot, actually. Exposition there.

Then the family soap opera scenes, with some other stuff thrown in.

Greg Rucka’s script’s far from perfect, but it’s vaguely compelling sci-fi with gorgeous art.

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