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Tai Chi Hero (2012, Stephen Fung)

Yuan Xiaochao stars in TAI CHI HERO, directed by Stephen Fung for Huayi Brothers Media.

Tai Chi Hero basks in its extravagance. Whether it’s the kung fu fighting, the battle scenes (these are different types of scenes) or just the imaginative steampunk gadgets, Hero always invites the viewer to enjoy what it’s creating.

And when Fung has to come up with something different? He does. And he does a great job with it. I had to take a step back and think about the big choice he makes, but it’s the right one-the only one he could make for the film.

He does turn back on the extravagance a little with a final gag, however.

Hero directly continues the previous entry (Tai Chi Zero), complete with an opening flashback of memorable events. It probably stunts the drama a little, which involves Eddie Peng’s wiener-boy of a villain plotting against the peaceful village as his ex-girlfriend (Angelababy) tries to teach her platonic new husband (Yuan Xiaochao) kung fu. Her father (and Yuan’s friend) Tony Leung Ka Fai tries to help out, but he’s got his ne’er-do-well eldest son (Feng Shaofeng) back in town.

Most of the film plays like a soap opera, since it is such a direct continuation of the previous one, but director Fung always keeps it light and fun.

The biggest problem is after Yuan gets good at kung fu… Angelababy stops being such a driving force in the picture. There’s also Feng running away with the first half or so of the film.

Still, Hero works out.



Directed by Stephen Fung; screenplay by Cheng Hsiao-tse and Zhang Jialu, based on a story by Chen Kuo-fu; directors of photography, Peter Ngor, Lai Yiu-Fai and Du Jie; edited by Cheng, Matthew Hui and Zhang Weili; music by Katsunori Ishida; production designer, Timmy Yip; produced by Wang Zhongjun, Wang Liqun and Zhu Jing; released by Huayi Brothers Media.

Starring Yuan Xiaochao (Yang Lu Chan), Angelababy (Chen Yunia), Tony Leung Ka Fai (Uncle Laborer), Eddie Peng (Fang Zi Jing), Nikki Hsieh (Sister-in-Law) and Peter Stormare (Flemming).


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