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Swamp Thing (1985) #154

Swamp Thing  154

There’s a cute little reference to Ultraman and Owlman on the news at the beginning of the issue. Alec’s travels bring him to Earth-Three (or something like it) but he doesn’t run afoul of the supervillains. Instead, he finds himself with the Arcanes.

Only, Anton’s the good one and Abby’s the bad one.

There’s a lot of awful stuff this issue. Millar never gets too graphic, keeping it at the “just enough” level but he makes up for the lack of visuals in disturbing intimations. As a Swamp Thing comic it’s interesting because it’s the first time Millar’s written Abby solo, but it’s more interesting as a DC comic.

The implications of Earth-Three never really come through like they do here.

Lots of great art from Hester and DeMulder. All of it’s disturbing… it’s still great.

Millar’s just wasting time though. Alec isn’t learning anything from his trip.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Hmmm…”Alec is wasting his time. He isn’t learning anything from this trip.”

    Wait a minute. Isn’t this comic supposed to be about ten minutes of interesting entertainment, not necessarily to be juxtaposed with a longer arc, which a reader of this may or may not know or care about? Methinks thou doth subscribe to too high a plateau for this level of publication to reach, or which it was intended. That’s okay, though. I do the same thing.

    1. I think I’d argue the best Swamp Thing writers (Moore, Veitch and Millar) all wrote for trades that didn’t exist yet.

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