Nowhere Men 4 (March 2013)

268867 20130316112746 largeI didn’t read the three page of text matter. I skimmed it and none of it seems like I need to read it. I probably wouldn’t read it even if understanding the narrative required it.

Splitting between four groups of characters this issue shows Stephenson’s strengths and weaknesses. Even though the reporter getting sick feels a little contrived, he writes his one page a lot better than the multiple pages of the pale guy’s group of survivors.

The red Thing’s group, though, Stephenson writes them fine. With such a large cast–he doesn’t actually add any characters, for the first time I think, so he’s still at twenty-five–it’s no wonder they’re all caricatures. Some caricatures are just more amusing than others.

The mild corporate villain of the story is actually proving a lot more interesting too.

And turning the characters into space monsters finally makes Bellegarde’s art distinct.


Writer, Eric Stephenson; artist, Nate Bellegarde; colorist, Jordie Bellaire; letterer, Fonografiks; publisher, Image Comics.

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