The Superior Spider-Man 10 (July 2013)

912908Very interesting issue. With Otto freed of Ghost Peter, he makes some different choices–first is prioritizing responses to crimes and crises (which Slott addressed earlier in the series but not as directly) and, second, how he’s going to spend his Parker time.

Without the old Peter Parker memories, Otto’s scenes with Aunt May completely different. He’s not trying to fit in as much as enjoy the company of his new family. The same goes for his pursuing the tutor, Anna. Slott writes them a couple good scenes together this issue.

There are a couple action scenes, of course, one at the open and a disaster one at the close. There’s also the introduction of two new villains; the first comes in dialogue, the second gets the final page reveal.

One of them appears smarter than Otto, which should give him a fine adversary, as Otto’s intellect makes him invincible.


Independence Day; writer, Dan Slott; penciller, Ryan Stegman; inkers, Stegman and Cam Smith; colorist, Edgar Delgado; letterer, Chris Eliopoulos; editor, Ellie Pyle and Stephen Wacker; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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