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Hybrids (2013, Patrick Kalyn)

While it is exceptionally bad, Hybrids does have some really good CG composites. The fight scenes are incredible for a short; sure, the design of the evil alien monsters is laughable, but the silly monsters do exist in the physical environments.

Hybrids has three problems. First–and actually least important–is it’s pointless. It’s fine if Hybrids is a demo reel for CG effects; it doesn’t have to be awful though. Director Kalyn switches between bad Malick impressions for blissful country life and lousy future junkyard action for the fights. His writing’s even worse though. These aliens can master long distance space travel but they’re morons.

Another big problem is lead Daniella Evangelista. She’s goofy when she’s acting tough and her voiceover narration is awful.

At six minutes, Kalyn manages to be boring. Special effects competencies aside, Hybrids offers nothing.

A straight demo reel of ugly aliens would’ve been better.

1/3Not Recommended


Written, directed and edited by Patrick Kalyn; director of photography, Cliff Hokanson; music by Sam Hulick; produced by Gabriel Napora.

Starring Daniella Evangelista (Dakota) and Kaitlyn Bernard (Abigail).


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