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Swamp Thing 109 (July 1991)

16079This issue’s pretty trippy. I think, in the final estimation (this issue’s his last), I like what Hoffman did for this Quest for the Elementals arc. He changed up his style, moved Swamp Thing away from horror to the psychedelic. Maybe he realized mushrooms can be scary, but they can be trippy.

As for Wheeler (also his last issue), he ties up the last loose end from Veitch’s run and has Abby talking about how it’s time for a new chapter to begin. Being self-aware, however, doesn’t make up for the silliness Wheeler’s put the series through.

And all he really does at the end of this huge war between the Green and the Grey is repeat Moore’s ceasefire from the war between Heaven and Hell. The issue’s decent, but because Wheeler gives his one likable character a lot of page time.

It’s much ado about nothing.


A Descent of Shadows, The Quest for the Elementals, Part Six; writer, Doug Wheeler; artist, Mike Hoffman; colorist, Tatjana Wood; letterer, John Costanza; editor, Stuart Moore; publisher, DC Comics.

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