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The Maze Agency 7 (June 1989)

275572I’m not sure what does more damage this issue, Barr’s melodramatic writing or the art. Greg Shoemaker’s so bad, it doesn’t make any sense to mock him. He’s just not ready for a full comic. Or a tenth of one. I suppose his scenery is all right; at least it’s fully visualized, which I can’t say about his figures.

But then there’s Barr’s writing. He takes leads Jennifer and Gabe to the Hamptons for a weekend of murder and lots of expository dialogue. Even for a mystery, there’s a lot of exposition because Barr thinks Jennifer has to talk about her feelings.

Gabe’s always been Maze’s erstwhile protagonist, but this issue he’s not just reactionary, he needs to be reminded to act. Barr thinks he’s come up with something great for Jennifer (it’s not); he downgrades Gabe.

There’re some decently written scenes, but Barr flops with the omnipresent romance stuff.


Hearts of Glass; writer, Mike W. Barr; penciller, Greg Shoemaker; inker, Bill Anderson; colorist, Julia Lacquement; letterer, Tom Addis; editor, Michael Eury; publisher, Comico.

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