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Swamp Thing 106 (April 1991)

16076I still can’t decide about Hoffman’s art. When he does the scenes of Alec interacting with the other plant people, it really does seem like he’s going for a particular style. When he’s drawing Abby, he can’t manage perspective or proportions. It’s all very confusing.

The issue itself is rather lame. Wheeler isn’t writing any worse, he’s just padding out a weak plot.

Abby’s been freaking out about Tefé’s new powers since the last issue–six weeks–and little else. It’s unbelievable, as Wheeler’s got Abby running away from Tefé.

Then Alec goes off to rescue some more of the elemental prisoners and runs into the absurd guest star. Alec and the guest star have a long scene with goofy exposition and one again remembers Wheeler’s inability to write real people.

He fills the issue with silly ideas instead.

Swamp Thing is getting to be more than a little tiring.


Dead Tribes and Forgotten Souls, The Quest for the Elementals, Part Three; writer, Doug Wheeler; artist, Mike Hoffman; colorist, Tatjana Wood; letterer, John Costanza; editor, Stuart Moore; publisher, DC Comics.

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