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Herogasm (2009) #6


Ennis sure doesn’t resolve a lot this issue. In fact, he might not resolve anything. I thought for a minute that hooker from last issue was going to be important, but no. He doesn’t resolve Hughie’s story, he doesn’t resolve the company man’s story….

About all he does resolve is the Wonder Woman stand-in and Annie are de facto friends. He even forgot Annie was calling Hughie at the beginning of Herogasm. Ennis drops plot threads all over the place.

There’s some art problems this issue. It ends on a huge action sequence, which has zip to do with the majority of the series, and McCrea and Burns aren’t up to it. The art’s too cynical and snide. It’s not even comic.

In the end, Herogasm is a hodgepodge of indecision. Ennis never figured out how to tell the story, which is unfortunate. He had multiple ones to tell.

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