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Stardust (2013, Mischa Rozema)

A scene from STARDUST, directed by Mischa Rozema.

There’s a very personal story for director Rozema behind Stardust but I’m going to avoid it for now.

To understand the film without that backstory, one either needs to be a NASA enthusiast or a Star Trek: The Motion Picture fan. Rozema shows the destruction of a planet (maybe) from the perspective of the visiting Voyager probe. Then the short goes back to Earth for a moment to put things in context.

Stardust is probably CG at its best–Rozema is using it to show the unimaginable but real, the majesty of the world we can’t possibly see. The Voyager, which only appears twice in the four minute short, can’t appreciate it.

Without knowing the specifics of the backstory, the finale is still profound, a credit to Rozema’s instincts as a filmmaker.

And, of course, the music makes the whole thing work. It’s essential.

Stardust is an exceptional little film.

3/3Highly Recommended


Written, directed and edited by Mischa Rozema; director of photography, Rozema; music by Guy Amitai; produced by Jules Tervoort.


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