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Nancy in Hell On Earth 3 (June 2012)

870638I didn’t get it last issue, but some of the death row inmates are stand-ins. I noticed Danny Trejo and Quentin Tarantino. Sadly, I noticed them on some of the multiple full page spreads. There are four or five of them in the issue, which isn’t good. Lorenzana doesn’t compose those shots well. He can’t handle the anarchy.

Sadly, Torres loses most of the comic’s personality too. There’s no central character this issue; Torres needs to plot against one or another, so he roams over the cast. Without Nancy to drive the issue, Torres gets lost.

It’s too bad the issue falls apart, since Torres did have some good scenes. He just doesn’t have a plot to go along with them.

Torres doesn’t make the characters worth carrying about, except maybe Lucifer and Nancy. But it’s hard to care about them given the plot’s silliness.

Still, could be worse.


Writer, El Torres; artist, Enrique Lopez Lorenzana; colorist, Fran Gamboa; letterer, Malaka Studio; editor, Richard Boom; publisher, Image Comics.

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