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Herogasm (2009) #1


Herogasm definitely gives Ennis the chance to unwind. Even when the art gets a little lazy–the art’s from John McCrea and Keith Burns–you can tell they’re still having fun. There’s still an edge to the writing, but Ennis is back in his “making fun of superheroes” mode.

One just wishes DC had kept the series long enough for the man love scene between Captain America and Superman.

While the Boys do show up at the end of the issue–and apparently will have their own plot line for it–Ennis uses a more distant narrative approach. He shows a little of familiar characters (the Wonder Woman stand-in is actually one of Ennis’s best in the series, even if he doesn’t use her enough) and lets the reader enjoy.

Most of what happens is–so far–just comic debauchery, which doesn’t give me a lot to talk about.

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