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Prophet 26 (June 2012)

Prophet #26
Except for Emma Rios’s Coil backup story, this issue of Prophet is unlike any other. Graham handles the art chores himself, telling the story of a drone who wakes up to help Prophet.

Maybe. It’s a little unclear and the drone is a combination of organic and mechanical. Maybe. It’s unclear.

Graham sends the little drone on an adventure to save his fellow drone, then off into space to send a message to Prophet. There’s a lot of space travel, a lot of the drone just thinking about its existence. It’s a pensive issue of Prophet and a beautiful one.

The opening features the standard Prophet grandiose landscapes, but the finale takes place on a planetoid and Graham does a lovely job on the art. It’s breathtaking.

Rios’s backup is solid. A man tries to escape a larger organism from the inside. While never gross, it’s always a little slimy.



Prophet; writer, artist and colorist, Brandon Graham; letterer, Ed Brisson. Coil: a clone story; writer, artist and letterer, Emma Rios; colorist, Roque Romero. Editor, Eric Stephenson; publisher, Image Comics.

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