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Swamp Thing (1985) #88

Swamp Thing  88

Doug Wheeler takes over the writing and does all right. He recaps the previous time travel adventures–this issue comes after an unexpected publishing delay–and sticks close to Alec.

Wheeler basically rips off The Clan of the Cave Bear, with Alec hanging out with Neanderthals (guess what, they should have made it, not humans), while splitting the issue between a savage human tribe (see, told you) and Abby’s pregnancy preparations. Constantine shows up for a bit too.

It’s a mellow, relaxed issue; the violence at the end is surprising as Wheeler needs it for emphasis. It’s not action-packed–Swamp Thing literally spends three days chilling out–and the tranquility is sort of nice.

Yeates excels at the prehistoric setting. It wouldn’t work without him. But in modern times, he’s disinterested. His rendition of Constantine is especially indistinct.

It’s fine. But Rick Veitch’s infamous, cancelled issue was probably better.

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