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And Let God Do the Rest (2012, Ben Gelera)

A scene from AND LET GOD DO THE REST, directed by Ben Gelera.

It’s difficult to start And Let God Do the Rest without preconceived notions. Overindulgent movies sometimes have lengthy titles based on pseudo-familiar phrases. Rest is one of those times; it’s undeservedly overindulgent. It’s also mind-boggling. The short opens with a news report about a mental patient escaping while on a field trip.

Really. A mental patient on a field trip.

Rest might be able to get away with it, but the acting and the script get in the way. Director Gelera and cinematographer Michael Woxland do an amazing job. Even after the setting changes to a torture chamber–Rest is a sensitive revenge picture–their technical abilities are clear. It’s a shame Gelera’s skills don’t include directing actors.

Once Rest makes the turn for the worse, it doesn’t get any better. Those first few minutes are lusciously composed (even if the writing and acting in them is lame).

1/3Not Recommended


Directed and edited by Ben Gelera; written by Byron Vasquez Jr. and Armond Kinard; director of photography, Michael Woxland; music by Cory Perschbacher; production designer, Reed Johns; produced by Gelera and Robert Amico.

Starring Azel James (Leonard Cease), Byron Vasquez Jr. (Brian), Jade Tailor (Megan Cease) and Michelle Renee Allaire (Diana).


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